FrieslandCampina, Germany/Belgium

yoghurt products

Novopolotsk production-commercial firm Vesta Ltd provides Belarussian market with the products by the company FrieslandCampina GmbH.

The assortment is presented with the following products: Yoghurts with TM "Landliebe"; Milk puddings with TM "Landliebe", "Puddis"; Desserts with TM "Puddis"; Cream of wheat and rice with TM "Landliebe".

Pudding with skimmed milk and cacao with whipped cream тм “Puddis” “Choco Topping ” 200 g
Vanilla pudding with skimmed milk with whipped cream тм “Puddis” “Vanilla Topping ” 200 g
Vegetable whipped cream Cessibon "Firm & Tasty", 250g
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